Lake Cochrane Improvement Association

Lake Cochrane is located in Deuel County, South Dakota. It lies seven miles south of the town of Gary, SD, and just west of the South Dakota-Minnesota border. The lake covers 355 acres with a maximum depth of 28 feet. Lake Cochrane was named for the area's first homesteader, Byron J. Cochrane, who settled on the south side of the lake in 1872. Since then people have flocked to this clear, spring-fed lake for camping, swimming, boating, and fishing. Lake Cochrane is one of the cleanest lakes in South Dakota.
The Lake Cochrane Improvement Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment and preservation of Lake Cochrane. The Association was formed for the purpose of maintaining the water quality of Lake Cochrane. The LCIA is a community of over 200 homeowners striving to protect this treasured resource.